U.S. News put out an article August 10th describing the changing workforce landscape on how the way people work.

The article points out that many companies have shifted their workforce from having permanent employees to basically outsourcing much of their work to outside companies using temporary contracts.  This basically makes people independent contractors who may jump from employer to employer when contracts end.

We have seen a shift of this at Chenhall’s Staffing in recent years, not only in the local markets but also at the government level.  Jobs that used to be in house employees or support jobs done by our military servicemen are now contracted out to third party companies.

The article goes on to point out that issues can arise with those jobs at “the bottom of the ladder”, where some temporary jobs don’t provide enough hours or pay to live on, much less the absence of good benefits.

The workforce is evolving, much like it always has. Hiccups and bumps along the way will need to be figured out to make it work.

The article is an interesting read.  You can see the entire article on the U.S. News website, entitled The Temp Economy and the Future of Work.

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